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The method of asbestos removal has been much in discussions of the time the adverse health effects of asbestos were discovered. The existence of deadly diseases like mesothelioma and asbestosis has brought attention as to how dangerous such construction material is. Hence, odd construction sites that have had asbestos installed become dangerous job sites for new construction as the exposure to dust that contains minute grains or fiber can infect anyone with such dangerous and debilitating diseases.

There are specific safety norms that are established with regard to asbestos removal in developed countries. In any underdeveloped countries, this material is still in use and cases still surface of workers or others suffering from diseases that do not have a cure till date. Hence, education on the health hazards that such construction material poses, understanding the symptoms of such diseases and the kind of action or recourse that can be taken needs to be understood. In most places, welfare organizations provide awareness to workers in such conditions and make them aware of the importance of taking safety measures. Workplace owners are supposed to take the right measures to protect workers and their health. They need to ensure that proper medical attention is provided or coverage is given for treatment and subsequent compensation to family members in case of deceased employees or workers.

Removal of asbestos is a serious concern in construction sites and the right protection measures for removal and disposal of such materials is a requirement, not only for the workers who come in contact with contaminated air but also for the environment which stands the risk of contamination when the right disposal methods are not followed.